A certified energy audit is performed by a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) and provides a thorough review and detailed analysis of your electricity, gas, heating & cooling system, and lighting and associated bills to determine how and when you use energy throughout your entire building or home. The result is a detailed report which can help you to understand how your building or home is using energy and make specific recommendations which will help you to save money and increase your energy efficiency. In addition, the auditor will make energy saving improvements specific to your structure, and provide you with an simple cost analysis for each recommendation. This type of audit particularly valuable to business and large property owners.

About the audit

As part of the audit, you will be asked to provide your electric, and gas or propane bills for 1 year. In addition to analyzing your bills, the auditor will examine several features of your structure, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Water heaters
  • Heating & cooling systems

Upon completion of the analysis, the CEA will provide you with a detailed written analysis which identifies:

  • Unnecessary or excessive "energy eaters" in your environment
  • How your energy dollars are spent, based upon consumption habits
  • Specific recommendations to help you improve your energy use and

Besides uncovering the ways you are spending your energy dollars, the energy audit provide you with money saving recommendations and information regarding applicable rebates.

For example, suppose the CEA recommends that you install dual-pane windows to reduce your heating/cooling expenses. The report would provide you with an estimate as to how much energy dollars you will save per year if you were to make this improvement, and include applicable rebate values as well. The total of these cost savings could then be used to compare to the cost of window installation to determine how long it might take to recover your investment.